The Holy scriptures are true and we are to live our lives according to them. God is Holy and He expects us to give Him our whole life. We believe we are called to share the message of good news and support people to grow in an authentic relationship with Jesus through discipleship. We believe we are called to set the cultural norms based on the principles of God’s Kingdom rather than being influenced by our society. We are called to model the biblical standards for younger generations to follow. As a church we are passionate about developing the gifts God has given us. If you would like to understand in more depth our theological beliefs, then please contact us and we will happily share them with you.





Our vision is to build the family of God, a community of people where every single member will be loved, accepted and feel connected.




Our mission is to scatter the seeds of the good news of the kingdom of God through our actions of unconditional love combined with the truth of his word. It is to empower a generation of disciples through discipleship to continue the good work of Christ here on earth.