Following the 'National Youth Agency' advice we are able to open up and start running youth activities again at JD Church. We are currently at a readiness level of amber (detail of this can be found on their website). This means with certain precautions in place we are able to start running Emerge on Fridays and Sundays again!


What you need to know

Emerge on Fridays (Ages 11- 18) - We have temporarily shortened Emerge on Fridays so it is now 7:30 - 8:30 as we trail the new system. For all details about how the night will run if you have any worries check the 'Emerge on Friday Plan' below. Young people will need to wear masks in certain communal areas when moving around (which can be provided if needed) but apart from that it will be filled with all the same fun, laughs and discussions it always was, we can't wait to see everyone back!

Emerge on Sundays (Secondary School - Flexible movement with JD Kids) - Emerge on Sundays is back! It's a chance during the Sunday service for young people to have their own space and relevant teaching, and now we will have them upstairs in the youth room for the worship too bringing them even closer together. If you have a young person secondary school aged when you arrive on Sunday morning bring them straight upstairs when you arrive sign them in then at the end of the service come and collect them. Social distancing and regular hand washing will be required and there will be other measures in place to keep everyone safe.


Useful links

Letter to parents and carers

Risk Assessment

Emerge on Friday plan

National Youth Agency website


Our vision remains the same

To be a family who have confidence from God in our identity and purpose, committed to change, so passionate and unashamed that we live a life 100% loving God and 100% loving people.